Career Consultations

Having mentored countless students and graduates over the last 15 years, I know that making decisions and planning a career direction is a real challenge for many.

Before jumping into applications and getting invited for interviews it is imperative that every candidate develops the necessary understanding in order to plan their approach.

How Do Career Consultations Work?

Career consultations are conducted via a one to one telephone or Skype audio call.

A one to one career consultation will help you review where you are now, learn about key career considerations and plan how to progress your legal career.

  • Discover how to succeed in a tough job market
  • Explore which options and career paths are right for you
  • Identify any obstacles and discuss ways to get over them
  • Make informed decisions about the types of firms to apply to and the areas of law to train in
  • Define a plan of action
  • Learn how to market yourself and stand out from the crowd
  • Understand the reason for previous rejections

Find Out About My Availability

To enquire about my availability, and for more details about how a career consultation can benefit you, send brief details of your current circumstances via the Enquiry Form below.

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