CityLawLIVE 2012 – Advice for securing a training contract

*mostly focusing on applications

Spelling firm name right – no mistakes

Avoid cliches

Be yourself – if not you will be found out

BM – passionate about commercial law, well rounded, understand BM

Preparing for an athletics event – can’t do all preparation at last minute – needs to be ongoing

MO – KEY – Turning achievements and activites into competencies nad skills firms are looking for – you have to be abel to describe what you have to sell, ie yourself.

Plan out your time – same as you are planning towards your exams – schedule what you need to do and do it.

You need to be 100% behind your application and be genuinely interested in the firm you are applying to – if not then it won’t some across and you will also be behind those applicants who are.

Positions of resposnibility – talk about what you actually brought to the role themselves rather than just the processes they went through

Evidence what you are talking about – address the skills and “recruitment criteria”:

– teamwroking skills

– communication skills

– are you interested in business and have commercial insight

Don’t jsut say you are interested in bsuiness in general – tell them what you are specifically interested in, what you have been reading, attending etc. So your statement has some depth to it.

Applications – people don’t knwo what to highlight – achievements to what level

Display enthusiasm and motivation to work for that firm in particular.

[MO – with every application they must take the time to review the appn against the extended checklist i will produce to cover off every piece of advice i’ve given in the longer form materials, eg text speak, action verbs, work exp drafting tips, etc]

VS descriptions too