CityLawLIVE 2012 Videos

CityLawLIVE is a paid for seminar targeted at candidates who want to work for City law firms. Advice is given by graduate recruitment representatives, partners and current trainees on how to succeed with applications.

Whilst the seminar is for City law hopefuls most of the advice given is extremely relevant and useful for applicants to all types of law firms.

These videos have very few views (max 275 views) so they will help you get info that others aren’t getting.

The various videos in this series are:

  • The Big Discussion – How to be successful in the applicaton process – set of techniques, good practices, etc that if you follow you have a good chance of being successful
  • Advice for securing a training contract
  • Law firm as a business
  • So you want to be a City lawyer?
  • City law life