Candidate Feedback

I am pleased to say many of the candidates I have coached and mentored have gone on to achieve success.

Some have been kind enough to stay in touch and send feedback – here is a selection (anonymity provided on request):

I was invited for 3 interviews and ultimately was successful in securing a training contract with a top 15 law firm. Working with Matt was a great pleasure and an unbelievable learning experience. I learnt so much about writing, recruitment strategy and the legal sector in general. I also gained a massive confidence boost and secured a dream training contract programme. I’m forever grateful to Matt and I would highly recommend anyone in my shoes to get in touch with him.” – Ali, Middle East

After many years to getting through the initial stages of assessment for training contracts, but always failing at the point of interview, Matt’s interview tips, the mock interview and detailed feedback on the mock interview allowed me to realise my weak points.

His advice was very constructive, helped me see how I had been approaching interview preparation in the wrong manner, and provided me with the confidence that I had been lacking in interviews.

I am highly appreciative of Matt’s advice and support throughout the process in helping me succeed in interview, and secure my training contract.” – J, Manchester 

In three words, Matt is fantastic. I came to Matt to help prepare for several first and second round TC interviews with top notch City firms, (both in-person and over the phone). Logistically, Matt was excellent. He found a way to fit me in very last minute and deliver great and exceptionally personalised feedback. He also sent over helpful prep documents, granted access to a special section of his website and summarised some excellent info about the firms I was dealing with. Our Skype/phone sessions were very easy and simple, something that I was concerned about, since we were not able to meet face-to-face. Beyond these basics, Matt also went above and beyond to help, always spending more time to ensure I was satisfied with my answer approach and confident with what I was presenting before hanging up.

It was immediately evident that Matt knew the TC interview and application market like the back of his hand and could provide the TC-specific advice that general interview prep coaches could only scratch the surface of. What I really liked was the personal attention he took to my specific applications and to my specific background, I never felt like he was pushing me into a cookie-cutter answer model, rather his advice always pushed me to develop my answers in a way that captured the most salient and critical bits of my experience and background. This allowed me to focus my answers and deliver excellent responses, tailored to TC’s, law as a career, and particular firms. His mock interview sessions were fantastic and extremely helpful content wise, but also in terms of helping me get used to the interview environment and hostile questions… he never went easy on me! Matt gave me the confidence I needed to approach the interviews positively and I would highly recommend him, he turned my interview style and approach around! Matt also helped me choose between the firms I received offers from, which was excellent. All in all, it was a fantastic and well-rounded service!” – D.A., London

I was impressed by how quickly you were able to pinpoint where I was going wrong and then the focused approach to developing a different and improved way of looking at applications which I was able to apply to future applications. I am sure the coaching helped me secure a training contract (with a top 20 law firm) this time around after previously unsuccessful attempts.” – Kate, Bucks

Application Coaching Feedback

When I first came to Matt my success with training contract applications had been hit and miss. What I was looking for was a consistent method with which to approach applications in order to stand out as a candidate. Matt’s service stood out as professional and comprehensive – during our 2 hour session he quickly targeted the strongest aspects of my application and eliminated the weakest parts. He also provided specific online resources that allowed me to continue to improve my applications in the future. I was left with an effective methodology for approaching applications that was key in my success at obtaining and conducting interviews.”

Interview Coaching Feedback

At short notice and only several days before my training contract interview, Matt offered guidance on assessment day preparation. Knowing the firm I was applying for he conducted the mock interview with the types of questions I was likely to receive and offered tailored feedback on each aspect. The one-to-one coaching was vital to gaining specific feedback on my performance and I was impressed with Matt’s ability to develop the strongest parts of my delivery. The coaching was key in giving me the confidence and preparation to perform well at interview and, ultimately, receive an offer of a training contract with a top 25 UK law firm.

– Freddie, Brighton

To be honest I was struggling to prepare answers that weren’t completely generic to the basic questions “why this firm?, “why do you want to be a lawyer?”. Speaking to Matt showed me how bad my ‘prepared’ answers actually were! I then panicked! But Matt led a conversation into my current job etc and pinpointed areas I seemed enthusiastic and confident speaking about. Amongst hundreds of other useful tips this helped me focus on my personal motivations. The end result was a training contract at a brilliant firm. ” – Jem, London

The coaching made me realise how in previous interviews my answers had only touched the surface of a question. I was able to prepare much more effectively after the detailed feedback and the mock interview was so similar (both in terms of competency and market / commercial awareness questions) to what the firm gave I was more relaxed as they were asking the questions. I’m confident the session helped me secure my training contract.” – Amy, London

With Matt’s help, I was fortunate enough to secure a training contract at [XXXX (leading City Firm)]. Matt provided extremely useful and tailored information on what to expect from the case study interview. My understanding of how commercial law firms operate and how to present my ideas effectively improved as a result. I would highly recommend Matt for any type of interview training, as he perfectly tailors his advice to the firm and industry in question.” – Omid, London

Prior to seeking Matt’s help I had done two vacation scheme applications, neither of which had been successful, despite spending many hours researching the firms and trying to perfect my applications. Matt not only gave me invaluable advice on the strengths and weaknesses of some draft applications I sent him, but also provided me with a wealth of tips and strategies to consider when writing future applications. As well as this he sent me helpful summaries of key attributes of the firms I was applying to, which was very useful for the interview stage. As a result of his help, I got through to the interview stage of every application I did and managed to secure a training contract with my top choice firm. I am convinced that without Matt’s help this would not have been possible – his advice was truly invaluable.” – Lucy, Cambridge 

After a year of getting nowhere with training contract applications I had lost my confidence. I had a consultation on Skype with Matt. He got to the root of my problems, identified my weak areas and gave me strategies to improve. Now I feel much more confident and following our consultation I managed to get onto a vacation scheme at a top firm.

Matt then gave me invaluable practical guidance on how to succeed on the vacation scheme. Through his comprehensive research he knew which particular competencies the firm was looking for and gave me practical tips on how to display these specific attributes. By the time I got into the training contract interview at the end of the scheme I was feeling composed and confident. I am glad to say that I succeeded and have now been offered a training contract. I have no doubt that Matt’s assistance gave me the edge I needed.” – Jahan, London

Matt’s advice on applications and coaching was invaluable in helping me secure a training contract. In particular his advice on perfecting my applications was truly game-changing and I am sure I would never have got to the assessment centre without it” – Katrina, London

Thank you again for your guidance; it really helped me to see my both my strengths and weaknesses clearly and gave me the confidence to believe that I could be a candidate they were actually interested in, which I’m not sure I really believed when I got the first call to interview.” – Ellie, London

Much to my surprise, last Monday I received an offer of a training contract with [xxxxxx]!  Thanks so much for the interview coaching session, the role you played in my preparation was completely invaluable.” – Anna, Sheffield

My experience with Matt has been very positive. He is very personable and professional and will tailor his advice to your personal situation. I have found his advice on how to prepare for competency interviews particularly useful and believe it to have been material in securing a training contract with a leading City firm.– Jade, Nottingham

I sought Matt’s help because I had no idea how to pursue a training contract. There are literally thousands of firms offering training contracts and countless sites offering advice. With so much choice and information I felt overwhelmed.

Matt helped me narrow down my target firms and provided me with extremely helpful guides, which cover every aspect of the process from applying for a training contract to the assessment centre.

I am extremely grateful to Matt, and thanks to him I now understand how to sell myself to a law firm. I strongly recommend his services to anyone who needs help navigating the system, he really knows the industry, and will give you the tools and confidence to succeed.” – Vee, Milton Keynes

Excellent service. Solid, practical and professional CV and career advice. Law is all about attention to detail. Therefore it pays to spend time and effort on finer details of legal CV’s and job applications. Following using the service I have managed to secure the job I’ve always wanted. I found the coaching service personalised and a joint effort. It made me think about and understand the key elements to an effective and successful CV.” – Andrew, Newcastle

I just thought I would e-mail you to let you know how your services really did secure me both a job during my gap year and a training contract with a firm that I absolutely love!

After you helped me, I applied for vacation schemes and was fortunate to secure three differrent schemes at good medium sized firms. I couldn’t actually partake in one vac scheme as I did not have enough time as the other two vac schemes were for three weeks each and they overlapped.

I loved both vacation schemes and was fortunate enough to secure both training contracts!

I really wanted to let you know how I have done as I honestly dont think I would have got where I am today without your advice and knowledge of the legal market and what firms are looking for. Your advice was honestly invaluable.

Thank you once again for being a great mentor with my applications.” – Lauren, West Sussex

Matt is a really friendly and knowledgeable person. His advice on interview technique was both informative and most importantly, personalised. I firmly believe his help was essential in helping me land a training contract with a top firm.” – Rob, London

I found Matt to be approachable and responsive, providing detailed answers to my questions and supplying frank and honest guidance in my quest to obtain a training contract. I would have no hesitation in recommending Matt for his services as his knowledge and experience of what it takes to progress in a legal career are indeed very valuable. – Jeremy, London

Matt really prepared me for the interview and gave me great guidance as to how to approach the interview – couldn’t have done it without him. You’re in safe hands with Matt” – Catherine, Dublin

Don’t hesitate. The advice and knowledge on offer is incomparable with other services out there. TCS provides a service second to none.” – John, Manchester

I wanted to improve my CV and also learn a little more about the application process and the best ways to apply and present yourself as a candidate. I definitely feel my CV is a lot stronger and feel more confident handing it in for applications. I also understand the ways to present information about yourself and other tricks to applying (ringing the firm / the websites etc).” – Pierce, Guildford

Without Matt’s interview coaching I don’t think I would have secured a second interview. Matt was able to help me even at very short notice, providing invaluable and honest advice as how to approach the interview and sell my unique set of skills and attributes. If you are serious about obtaining a training contact and want first class guidance then Matt is the person who can help you.” – Shari, London

My CV is totally unrecognisable from the original, despite there being no new information on it.  My unique package of skills has been cleverly emphasised and any less pertinent points removed.  This process has allowed me to regain confidence in my abilities and recognise that I have much to offer.  I am now applying for training contracts with renewed vigour.” – Georgina, Cardiff

My CV needed improving however, having spent so long on it, I wasn’t seeing the faults and needed some independent advice.  From your website I could see that yours was a very personalised service and that is why I went ahead. The other major advantage was that I knew exactly who was going to be looking at my application. I don’t think you could have done anything further, I got prompt replies and I can see you spent a lot of time on it. I think you have made the most of my selling points and that is exactly what I needed.  I think the phone calls and e-mails allowed you to get to know me and to understand the experience I have had.   My  CV and covering letter have improved drastically and I now feel much more positive about sending out my applications.Dawn, Bournemouth

Matt showed me a methodological framework which I could apply not only to the interview which I was preparing for, but also to subsequent interviews. The precision of this method was that I could use my existing skills and experiences and tie them into the job description in a very specific way. Matt’s phone conversation with me was very helpful as he helped me to focus on the areas I needed to work on, and he did this at very short notice. Matt does preparation in the form of studying your job application and CV, and this helps him to tailor the session to your needs. I highly recommend Matt Oliver, it could be the vital difference and you will learn a valuable life skill, especially in the current employment market.” – Ahsan, Kilmarnock

Thank you very much for my career consultation the other day.  What you said made perfect sense and has helped me to focus on what I need to do in order to secure the future I seek. ” – Sion, Shropshire

Simple, yet effective – Matt’s personalised approach is brilliant. His guidance has enabled me to spot and, more importantly, rectify flaws in my previous interview technique. I am certain his clear-cut advice will help me land that all-important training contract” – Omer, London

The one to one coaching session really helped me to understand what law firms are looking for and there were some great tips for improving my applications and CVs. I would definitely recommend the service to anyone making training contract applications as I feel much more prepared now!” – Annie, Bristol