Additional Practice Tests & Exercises

The first thing you should do in your preparation for an assessment centre is review the Guide to Assessment Centre PDF that I have emailed you separately. If you have not received it for any reason please email me.

That guide sets out the different tests and exercises you might come across in a law firm assessment centre. Of course, there may also be others but you can rest assured that they will be designed to assess you for the same competencies as the tests and exercises set out in the Guide.

You should work your way through the practice tests and exercises linked to from the Guide. Given the importance of these tests and exercises I would also recommend that you make the financial investment in the paid for practice tests at JobTestPrep. These are full timed tests in most cases and give invaluable feedback on your performance so that you can improve your skills before the big day.

Once you have gone through those practice tests you may want to take a look at the following.

iPhone Apps

Critical Thinking Test – Pearson

This may be an app targeted at the American market but it still gives some good practice into critical thinking tests and can be done on the move on your iPhone.

Description from iTunes:

Did you know critical thinking is the skill of most increasing importance in the workplace over the next 5 years – surpassing innovation or the application of information technology? Yet only 28% of college graduates are rated as having excellent critical thinking skills. Even many emerging leaders (those being groomed for the C-suite) lack good critical thinking. But every job requires critical thinking.

A Project Manager needs to analyze the critical path, football coaches need to put aside emotions to make the next call; and salespeople need to identify what their clients are really looking for.

The ‘Think-O-Meter’ iPhone app challenges your thinking and helps you develop a Sherlock Holmes-like attention to the evidence at hand. Think through dozens of scenarios and test your ability to separate reliable facts from assumptions, focus on the relevant information, and think critically to get the right answer.

Whether you want to see opportunities more clearly, simplify your life by side-stepping problems, or improve the caliber of your decisions, this tool will give you an edge while honing your decision-making skills.