Interview & Assessment Centre Media Library

The idea of putting all videos, podcasts and iOS apps into one place like this is so that you can access them whilst you are on the move or have some spare time when you are out and about.

Much of the learning process for interviews and assessment centres relies on repetition and having these easily digestible pieces of information will help you with this. It is therefore recommended that you get into the habit of regularly reviewing the various Media Libraries in order to fast track your learning of the key areas.

Most of these pieces of media can also be found elsewhere in the Know How area, although some are only found here so be sure to review them and not assume you have already seen and heard everything.

Videos Relating to Assessment Centres

Group Exercises

An excellent video of a group exercise run by leading accountants PwC. Watch it on YouTube here

Assessment Centre Tips

Here are a couple of videos produced by Clifford Chance which give some useful tips on how to succeed at their assessment centres, which advice also applies to other AC’s:

iPhone Apps

Barclays Interview Skills

Description from iTunes:

The job interview. It’s the first make-or-break moment in your career. And it’s a genuinely nerve-wracking experience for anybody. If only you could turn the tables and see exactly what the interviewer is looking for.

That’s what this app sets out to do. You’ll be given inside info about the questions typically asked by graduate employers. You’ll hear from three fictional candidates and get to make a hiring decision of your own. And you’ll then be able to compare notes with a real Barclays Capital recruiter.

Along the way, you’ll learn a lot about the interview process and be given plenty of tips from professionals. We hope it seriously improves your chances of impressing on the big day.

Critical Thinking Test – Pearson

This may be an app targeted at the American market but it still gives some good practice into critical thinking tests and can be done on the move on your iPhone.

Description from iTunes:

Did you know critical thinking is the skill of most increasing importance in the workplace over the next 5 years – surpassing innovation or the application of information technology? Yet only 28% of college graduates are rated as having excellent critical thinking skills. Even many emerging leaders (those being groomed for the C-suite) lack good critical thinking. But every job requires critical thinking.

A Project Manager needs to analyze the critical path, football coaches need to put aside emotions to make the next call; and salespeople need to identify what their clients are really looking for.

The ‘Think-O-Meter’ iPhone app challenges your thinking and helps you develop a Sherlock Holmes-like attention to the evidence at hand. Think through dozens of scenarios and test your ability to separate reliable facts from assumptions, focus on the relevant information, and think critically to get the right answer.

Whether you want to see opportunities more clearly, simplify your life by side-stepping problems, or improve the caliber of your decisions, this tool will give you an edge while honing your decision-making skills.
Practice thinking critically with ‘Think-O-Meter’