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There follows some of the best articles written by experts in the field of legal graduate recruitment. It is highly recommended that you read each and every article and that you bookmark each one in the MyLibrary section of MyLCN. Articles


No sweat: interviews made easy

Top 10 interview tips

The Partner Interview: part 1

The Partner Interview: part 2

An interview is a two-way conversation

Telephone Interviews

How to tackle a phone interview


Know Thyself

Law in the City

What does it take to make it in the City?

Is the City right for you?

The Art of Research

A how-to guide to researching firms

Commercial Awareness

Don’t be square, be (commercially) aware

General Advice

The X-factor: have you got it?

What firms are looking for

Tough love

More than the law – skills that future employers will value

Tools & Resources

MyLCN Introduction – Get your motor running

Chambers Student Articles

The Art of Research

Different Types of Law Firm

Different Practice Areas & Types of Solicitor

Interviews & Assessment Centres

How To Succeed aAt Interviews & Assessment Centres

General Advice

How Suitable Are You & What Do Recruiters Want

Ashley Connick’s Articles

Law in the City

So, Candidate, why do you want to work at a City firm?

Commercial Lawyers

What makes a good commercial lawyer? A prospective Trainee’s perspective

Why This Firm?

The Magic Circle Myth? How some applicants miscategorise firms they’re applying to