Practice Interview Questions

Practice Law Interview Tool

Kent Uni have created a useful tool which simulates the questions you might be asked at a law interview and which includes useful suggestions on how each question might be answered.

You can take this practice interview here…

iPhone Apps

Barclays Interview Skills

Whilst this app relates to interviews with Barclays Capital, it still represents great practice for training contract interviews and is useful for doing further interview preparation on the move or when you have a spare moment when you are out and about.

Description from iTunes:

The job interview. It’s the first make-or-break moment in your career. And it’s a genuinely nerve-wracking experience for anybody. If only you could turn the tables and see exactly what the interviewer is looking for.

That’s what this app sets out to do. You’ll be given inside info about the questions typically asked by graduate employers. You’ll hear from three fictional candidates and get to make a hiring decision of your own. And you’ll then be able to compare notes with a real Barclays Capital recruiter.

Along the way, you’ll learn a lot about the interview process and be given plenty of tips from professionals. We hope it seriously improves your chances of impressing on the big day.