Interview Coaching Booking

One to one interview/assessment centre coaching and advice will provide you with the following:

  • Key information and resources to help you prepare, including practice tests and questions
  • The opportunity to discuss how best to sell your unique set of skills and attributes
  • The chance to gain detailed feedback and advice on your approach to interviews/assessment centres
  • Help preparing answers to key questions such as “Why law?”, “Why this firm?”, “Why should we offer you the job?”
  • An understanding of the different parts of an interview or assessment centre, what they are designed to test you on and how to do well at each stage
  • Tips and strategies to use to set yourself apart from the competition

Matt is a really friendly and knowledgeable person. His advice on interview technique was both informative and most importantly, personalised. I firmly believe his help was essential in helping me land a training contract with a top firm.” –Rob, London

What You Receive

As well as the one to one coaching session(s) you will also receive:

  • Skills Audit Questionnaire – to help you review your key skills and attributes in advance of the consultation
  • Guide To What Law Firms Are Looking For In Their Applicants
  • Guide to Researching Law Firms & Practice Areas of Law
  • Guides to Interviews & Assessment Days
  • A Free Copy of Matt’s Latest eBook “21 Secrets to Successful Applications”
  • Guides to other key areas depending on what you need, for example A Guide to Commercial Awareness

The cost of the Standard Interview/Assessment Centre Coaching is £197.00. To make a booking click the “Buy Now” button below.

*All payments are processed using Paypal’s secure payment system – payments can be made via a Paypal account or using a debit/credit card without the need for a Paypal account