One of the key things that all successful candidates will need to do is to dedicate some time to self-analysis.

Whilst it can seem a little odd to think that you need to do some research into yourself as well as the firms you are applying to, it is absolutely necessary preparation if you are to sell yourself well to the firms.

You may also hear self-analysis referred to as a skills audit or as an assessment of your own skills bank account (see my ebook for the latter –

There are numerous techniques and tools to help you work through this exercise. The one I favour is part of the MyLCN tool on and is called MySelf –

This tool helps you to organise your applications/interviews in the best possible way – in particular I recommend you use the MyFirms, MyPages and MySelf sections and add your research notes into the system, particularly relating to each firm you research.

You should also read the following articles relating to the MySelf tool and the self-analysis exercise you need to be undertaking:

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By doing this sort of self-analysis and considering your past experiences in terms of how they can be used to demonstrate the key competencies the firms are looking for, you will give yourself a solid foundation for all your applications and future interviews.