One To One Trainee Solicitor Interview & Assessment Centre Coaching

With as low as a 1 in 7 chance of being offered a trainee solicitor position at the interview/assessment centre stage, you must ensure you perform at your very highest level.

My one to one trainee solicitor interview coaching has been carefully designed to help you with this.

I have successfully coached a variety of candidates who have been offered trainee solicitor positions at City law firms (such as Herbert Smith Freehills and CMS Cameron McKenna), national/regional law firms and smaller high street firms.

What Is Interview Coaching?

Interview coaching is designed to help you improve your interview and assessment centre performance, build your confidence and increase your chances of success.

Successful interview technique, and knowing how to sell yourself to firms, can be learnt and your performance can be greatly improved with the right guidance and preparation.

One to one interview coaching gives you the right guidance, tips and advice specifically tailored for you.

How Can Interview Coaching Make A Difference?

Amy from London had previously been unsuccessful at interviews and was struggling to know why, despite being given feedback by firms. She had this to say about her interview coaching experience:

The coaching made me realise how in previous interviews my answers had only touched the surface of a question. I was able to prepare much more effectively after the detailed feedback and the mock interview was so similar (both in terms of competency and market / commercial awareness questions) to what the firm gave I was more relaxed as they were asking the questions. I’m confident the session helped me secure my tc.”

How Is The Interview Coaching Delivered?

All interview coaching is conducted one to one by me personally via telephone or Skype call so I can work with you wherever you are in the world.

In my preparation for our coaching, I conduct a full review of your application and conduct my own research into the firm.

During the coaching I will advise you how to effectively tailor your approach specifically to that firm, how to impress the recruiters and how to avoid common mistakes which will lead to a rejection.

You will also receive supplementary know how materials, advice and tips to help you prepare, including various assessment centre practice tests and exercises (if relevant).

There is also the option for a practice mock interview in order to practice answering trainee solicitor interview questions, receive a review of your interview performance and to make invaluable improvements.

Find Out About My Availability

To enquire about my availability, and for more details about how interview coaching can benefit you, send brief details of your current circumstances and any upcoming interview(s) via the Enquiry Form below.

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